Smart Card Reader
These allow you to securely connect to another computer or network for a number of different applications.  The new smart cards can be used with confidence to log on securely to network systems and websites.  Additionally, they can be used to encrypt and electronically “sign” emails and documents.


USB Smart Card Reader
These are external smart card readers that can plug into any computer with a USB port using a USB cable.  See the USB Smart Card Reader review page for a complete listing.


CAC Card Reader
The Common Access Card (CAC) was introduced by the DoD in 2006 in order to be in compliance with the Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12/HSPD-12.  The new CAC Smart Cards contain sophisticated technology which should provide Federal employees and contractors with safer, more secure computer systems.  To use a CAC Card, you will need a CAC Card Reader.  More information on how these apply to the AKO system can be found on AKO Webmail.


Keyboard Smart Card Reader
Keyboard smart card readers are built into the actual keyboard itself.