SCR3310 CAC Card ReaderThe installation process for the SCR3310 CAC Card Reader is simple and takes less than five minutes.  This CAC Smart Card Reader works well on DoD websites after installing the ActivClient software which is required.  Recommended for anyone needing to access websites requiring a CAC.  Read the full SCR3310 review.


SGT111 CAC Card ReaderThe SGT111 CAC Card Reader is capable of reading all US Government, Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, National Guard, Reserves, etc. CAC Cards.  Works especially well on systems running Windows 7.  Just plug it in and you’re done!  It’s a little more expensive than the SCR3310 model, but a lot of people swear by the SGT111.  Read the full SGT111 review.


SGT117 CAC Card ReaderThe SGT117 CAC Reader is a favorite of the DoD and Military crowd as well as many contracting firms.  Setup for the SGT117 typically is as easy as plugging it into your computer and having it auto-install.  Read the full SGT117 review.



SGT114 CAC Card ReaderThe SGT114 CAC Card Reader is billed as the ultimate road warrior’s card reader.  It can read your smart card, camera, camcorder memory, and reads your mobile phone’s SIM card.  Read the full SGT114 review.



SCR3500 CAC Card ReaderThe “SmartFold” SCR3500 CAC Smart Card Reader is fully ISO7816 compliant.  The SCR3500 has a compact design which allows the user to carry it in their pocket or attach it to a keyring.  A lot of Mac users like these.  Read the full SCR3500 review.