SCR3310 USB Smart Card Reader

SCR3310 USB Smart Card Reader

Product Review:  SCR3310 USB Smart Card Reader

Price Range: $11-$25

SCR3310 USB CAC Smart Card Reader




Who Would Buy This: Those shopping for a good, inexpensive Smart Card Reader.  Applications include secure network log on, e-Banking, e-Couponing, online shopping and gaming.

The SCR3310 USB Smart Card Reader is a favorite among those people looking for a good, inexpensive card reader.  Folks using Windows 7 like the way the drivers automatically install.

The SCR3310 works great as a Department of Defense (DoD) CAC smart card reader.  It is also is a popular choice for those needing to log into an Army AKO account.

It is no larger than a computer mouse so it is easy to carry when traveling.

A popular choice for contractors doing a large roll out smart cards and readers.

Works best on Windows operating systems.  Will work on Mac OSs too, but folks often complain that getting it to work is tedious.

Value for money?
The SCR3310 USB Smart Card Reader is a no frills device that just works.

Additional Details:

Product Features

  • Ergonomic and cost efficient design
  • Software and functionality compatible with SCM´s SCR33xx readers family
  • In field firmware upgrades (SCR3310). EMV Level 1 certified
  • Compliant with major smart cards and relevant industry standards

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: Scm Microsystems
  • Model: SCR3310
  • Form Factor: External
  • Hardware Platform: PC, Mac, Unix

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